Lost appeal, Robinho immediately jailed for 9 years related to rape


Robinho will serve a prison sentence of 9 years, related to the case rape. Because his appeal was rejected by the court.

Robinho stumbled upon the rape of a 22-year-old Albanian woman in 2013, or while defending AC Milan. The former Brazilian, along with partner Ricardo Falco, were involved in a gang rape.

In 2017, Robinho was found guilty and sentenced to 9 years in prison. However, former player Real Madrid and Manchester City it appealed.

And most recently, as reported by BBC, banding Robinho rejected. The court of Rome made an inkrah decision on his verdict, which was irrevocable.

This means that Robinho will soon be serving a 9-year prison sentence related to the case rape.

Under the extradition law, Italy is said to be allowing Robinho to be detained in Brazil. Italy remains to request the transfer of criminal penalties to the Brazilian justice system.

Robinho The last time he played for the Santos club was in 2020. However, it was only a week before he was announced as a new player, before the Brazilian club chose to freeze his contract so that the player could focus on undergoing the legal process.

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