Lost and disappointed. I shouldn’t have followed the instructions of darkness to Hamilton

the additional ampion paid for the late replacement for the tire change. Sweat admitted that he had to go to the mechanics two, or not at all. I got out of the car first, so I don’t have all the information. But I feel like I should stay on the track. I am frustrated that I did not share my feelings. But we work as a team, I also shared the instructions I received and did the best I could, Hamilton said for the official F1.com website.

for ten years the driver, who made it to a record eight titles, started after a penalty for replacing the internal combustion engine and up to eleven points. Gradually, however, he fought his way forward and due to the fact that even in the so-called wet leadership he was not obliged to stop in the boxes for new tires, he was in the squirrel to wear out the mixture.

During the ride, he calculated that the route could dry out and he would deploy a suitable and fast SMS. Not only that, his existing tires were worn for a long time, and he called him seven laps before the box. Hamilton tm lost two pieces.

I heard that Esteban Ocon managed to leave the race without a hitch, so I think it would probably be, stated Hamilton, who, even after returning to the trail, criticized his darkness. I shouldn’t have built at all. I poured it for you, reported it to mechanic Peter Bonnington in the transit, when he suffered from the lack of a smile. Although he bounced off the gas of Pierre Gasly’s estuary, he did not approach Charles Leclerc in front of him.

This made him think that if he didn’t catch Hamilton, he would risk losing more positions. At that moment it was a good decision. As a driver, you have limited information in your car, said Mercedes Toto Wolff.

It was hey to go. Lewis Hamilton won Saturday’s qualification for the Turkish Grand Prix.

But Hamilton stood behind the light. km I think I should either stay on the track or go to the box a lot two. When you drive seven laps in front of the car, you do not have time to go through the crumbling of the infantry tires on the drying track. In t slider I lost almost all positions. It’s frustrating, but that’s the way it is, said the British rider.

His Hamilton rival Max Verstappen from Red Bull released at Hamilton’s ptm city, who put him in the lead for the second time in a race. est seduction before the end of the season dl both pilots est point. I thought it would be good if I hit the city. It would be a great result after starting from eleven p. But it could have been a mountain ride, Hamilton added.



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