Loss because the Semarang port was submerged by Rob, Central Java Kadin Asks Pelindo to clean up

UNGARAN, KOMPAS.com – Flood rob what happened on the north coast of Central Java, especially in the city of Semarang, had a bad impact on the business world.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Woman) Central Java Harry Nuryanto said that many entrepreneurs lost money due to industrial activities in the area Tanjung Emas Harbor Semarang city stopped.

Therefore, Pelindo as the port manager must ensure that this kind of incident does not repeat itself.

“Pelindo must improve, starting from the location and facilities to anticipate floods and tidal waves,” he explained after the inauguration of the Semarang Regency Chamber of Commerce and Industry at The Wujil Resort and Conventions, Monday (30/5/2022).

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Harry said that now is a good moment to make improvements in all service lines related to ports.

“We all know that the coast is prone to tidal waves, but don’t always wait for nature and make excuses. There must be a breakthrough to provide port service users,” he explained.

Entrepreneurs who use port services have followed the rules set by Pelindo. Starting from the regulations regarding tariffs and other provisions.

“So this is indeed the facility at the port that must be improved, not only the roads are repaired, the location of containers must also be considered,” he said.

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Kadin, Harry continued, encouraged Pelindo to take responsibility for the policy regarding the tidal flood disaster that had just occurred.

“Easing the burden on business actors who suffer losses, the rental fee can be discounted or removed. Meanwhile, for submerged goods, the best solution is given, because some have not been insured. If the insured goods can be taken care of,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Semarang Regency Kadin Abdullah Husein said, currently entrepreneurs must work hard to revive the economy after being hit by Covid-19.

“We support the creation of a conducive climate to bring in investors. With government support, a prosperous society will be created,” he said.

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