Losing to World Cup host country Qatar and Senegal lost for the second time in a row… Tournament No. 1 deleted, overall shameful

It’s the second time the host country has been knocked out of the group stage by South Africa in 2010. Qatar’s ‘worst grade’ booking
The Netherlands and Ecuador drew 1-1 in the round of 16. Valencia leads the scorer with 3 goals

Host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar suffered two successive defeats in the group stage and were the first country to be eliminated.

Host country Qatar lost 1-3 to Senegal in their second match of Group A held at the Assumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 25th (Korea time).

Qatar, who lost 0-2 to Ecuador in their first match of the tournament, recorded two losses in the group stage.

Subsequently, in the match between the Netherlands and Ecuador in the same group held at the Khalifa International Stadium, the two teams drew 1-1 and totaled 4 points with 1 win and 1 draw.

As a result, Qatar, which was the first host country in the history of the World Cup to suffer two consecutive defeats in the early stages of the group stage, also suffered the shame of being eliminated by the “number 1” in this tournament.

South Africa, which hosted the 2010 tournament, is the only World Cup host country to have been eliminated from the group stage.

At that time, South Africa also recorded 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss in the group stage, and if Qatar don’t win this tournament or get a point at all, they will end up with the worst record ever for a World Cup host country. Cup.

[월드컵]    Host nation Qatar lose to Senegal for second consecutive defeat... Tournament

On the other hand, Senegal, who lost 0-2 in their first match against the Netherlands, managed to change the mood in their second match, and kept hoping to advance to the round of 16 by placing third (3 points) behind the Netherlands and Ecuador.

Senegal scored their first goal in the 41st minute thanks to a mistake by the opposing defender.

Qatar defender Bualam Huhi stopped the ball and lost his balance as he attempted to clear a pass that Senegalese Krepin Diatta stabbed in the penalty area.

Then the Senegalese Boulaye Dia carried the ball into the penalty area and made it 1-0 with a powerful right-footed shot.

As soon as the second half began, Senegal scored an extra goal.

In the third minute of the second half, Senegal scored another goal with a header from a Famara Diedio corner.

[월드컵]    Host nation Qatar lose to Senegal for second consecutive defeat... Tournament

Qatar, who failed to attempt a single effective shot until the first half of the day following their opening match against Ecuador, did everything to launch a long-awaited offensive in the second half, but had to settle for scoring the first goal in the World Cup finals.

In the 33rd minute of the second half, Ismail Muhammad’s cross was headed by Muhammad Muntari, setting up Qatar’s historic first goal in the World Cup.

The atmosphere in the stadium seemed to heat up, but Senegal scored an away goal in the 39th minute of the second half, putting the cold water on Qatar’s pursuit.

Bamba Diang kicked in Iliman Ndiaye’s cross from the right wing with a thunderous right-footed strike to make it 3-1.

This is the first time Senegal have won the World Cup finals in four years since they beat Poland 2-1 in the first leg of the group stage of the 2018 tournament in Russia.

In the 2018 tournament, Senegal failed to advance to the round of 16 after being pushed into third place in the group despite one win, one draw and one loss.

[월드컵]    Host nation Qatar lose to Senegal for second consecutive defeat... Tournament

The Netherlands and Ecuador drew 1-1, recording 1 win and 1 draw side-by-side, and continued a close competition for the top positions, with all table numbers being equal, including 4pts, +2goals and 3pts.

Although the Netherlands remained top with fewer warnings, plans to secure an early round of 16 place with back-to-back victories fell through.

The Netherlands took the lead within the first six minutes of the game.

Cody Hakpo, who scored the first goal of the first leg against Senegal, received a pass from Davey Klassen and scored in back-to-back matches with a left footed shot from the left of the penalty arc.

Born in 1999 in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Hakpo “Shinseong” showed his spirit by scoring the 5th goal in his 11th A game.

It was a regrettable occasion for Ecuador when front-row Valencia came on from the left wing in the 32nd minute with a signature ability, and his right-footed shot was blocked by goalkeeper Andris Nofert.

In first-half extra time, Pervis Estupinyan’s strike rattled the net following Ecuador’s corner, but it was pointed out that a team-mate obstructed the goalkeeper’s view from an offside position and he was not scored no goals.

[월드컵]    Host nation Qatar lose to Senegal for second consecutive defeat... Tournament

However, Ecuador, who continued to apply strong forward pressure from the start of the second half, managed to equalise.

Estupinjan’s strong shot from the left of the penalty area was blocked by Norfert, but Valencia leveled the ball with his right foot.

After the multi-goal against Qatar, Valencia scored 3 goals in 2 matches in this tournament becoming the top scorer.

Ecuador’s momentum continued, but in the 14th minute of the second half, Gonzalo Plata’s shot in the center of the penalty area hit the crossbar and they missed the opportunity to turn around.

In Ecuador, which earned a precious point, Valencia, who were replaced at the end of the second half due to a knee injury after the last game, remained variable.

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