Losing heavily from Tottenham, Man City’s attack line is the spotlight: Okezone the ball

LONDON – Manchester City’s defeat to Tottenham in week nine Premier League 2020-2021, in the early hours of the morning, Josep Guardiola’s team was flooded with comments. One of them is about their attack line which is considered less sharp.

This was also admitted directly by one of Man City’s players, Kevin De Bruyne. The Belgian midfielder also regretted the final result, which he admitted was far from expectations.

The 29-year-old player wants his team to reflect on the negative results earlier today. Therefore, he asked Man City to improve the game and appear even sharper in front of the opponent’s goal in the next match.

“We did pretty well in the first two-thirds of the pitch, but not that well in the last third and it will come,” De Bruyne said as quoted from Manchester City’s official website, Sunday (11/22/2020).

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“It’s hard to find consistency. We need to be a little bit sharper, but like I said, hopefully it will come soon, “he continued.

The same statement was previously made by coach Josep Guardiola. The Spanish tactician felt his players had performed optimally. It’s just that, the game that is displayed is not enough to dampen the strength of Son Heung-min and his colleagues.

Manchester Blue has proven to control the game quite well. However, Tottenham played more effectively and were very good at taking advantage of the opportunities that existed.

“I thought we played well, but we failed to do it (beat Tottenham Hotspur),” he explained.

“Keeping Tottenham on about three or four chances, that’s pretty good. But if you are not sharp enough in front of goal, which has happened recently, it is not enough,” he continued.


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