News Los Angeles derby Tuesday, provided Kawhi can break free...

Los Angeles derby Tuesday, provided Kawhi can break free of his obligations


Like every week on TrashTalk, find the full program for the next seven days, to get to work with a zombie mouth and the breath of a grandmother who has just eaten a can of fresh herring. While waiting for some potential updates, here is the signed menu beIN Sports.

We will have to be at the cleat at the start of the week so as not to miss the large posters that will be offered to us on beIN Sports. Monday’s Jazz – Rockets will be worth its weight in peanuts and we can’t wait to see Rudy Gobert trying to take revenge on Utah’s beast for the past few years in the Playoffs. Especially since the Mormons remain on a nice rise in the ranking where there are only the Lakers ahead of them. The next day, an unmissable match of the week at 4am from the tam since we will be entitled to a new Angelino derby. We all remember the last shock on Christmas Eve and we want a match at least as close. Hoping that Kawhi Leonard is not too busy doing something else and looks good at the Staples Center this Tuesday.

On the night of Monday, January 27

  • Minnesota Timberwolves – Sacramento Kings à 2h (beIN 4)
  • Utah Jazz – Houston Rockets à 3h (beIN 1)

Tuesday, January 28

  • Dallas Mavericks – Phoenix Suns à 2h30 (beIN 4)
  • Los Angeles Lakers – Los Angeles Clippers à 4h (beIN 1)

In the night of Wednesday, January 29

  • Indiana Pacers – Chicago Bulls à 1h (beIN 4)
  • Portland Trail Blazers – Houston Rockets à 4h (beIN 1)

In the night of Thursday, January 30

  • Cleveland Cavaliers – Toronto Raptors à 1h (beIN 4)
  • Boston Celtics – Golden State Warriors à 2h (beIN 1)
  • Los Angeles Clippers – Sacramento Kings à 4h30 (beIN 4)

On the night of Friday, January 31

  • Brooklyn Nets – Chicago Bulls à 1h30 (beIN 4)
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Denver Nuggets à 3h (beIN 1)

On the night of Saturday February 1

  • Los Angeles Clippers – Minnesota Timberwolves à 21h30 (beIN 1)
  • Orlando Magic – Miami Heat à 1h (beIN 4)

On the night of Sunday February 2

  • Houston Rockets – New Orleans Pelicans à 20h (beIN 3)
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Phoenix Suns à 20h (beIN 4)

We kindly print the program, we post it in the entrance or at the office, and so we don’t lose a drop of what will be offered this week on the channel! Meanwhile, we’re going to buy some coffee…


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