Lorraine. Will the rector of Nancy-Metz become chief of staff to the Minister of Education?

He is strongly anticipated. But nothing, at this time, is yet confirmed.

Rector of the Grand Est and Nancy-Metz Academy, based in Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Jean-Marc Huart could become the chief of staff of Pap Ndiaye new Minister of National Education.

Inspector General of Education, Sport and Research, Jean-Marc Huart began his career as a teacher of economics and social sciences in high school and in preparatory classes for the major business schools in the Academy of Lille.

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Inspector General of National Education, he was appointed in 2017 Director General of School Education, number 2 of the Ministry, following the appointment of Jean-Michel Blanquer as Minister of Education.

Its files: the implementation of the reforms of primary education, general education high school and the new baccalaureate, and the transformation of the professional path.

He was appointed rector of the Grand Est academic region, rector of the Nancy-Metz academy, chancellor of universities, on July 24, 2019.

This Monday, May 23, we twice asked the person concerned. Without answer.

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