Lorraine is beautiful like … like Bergamot from Nancy

It’s all the same extraordinary all that we have as specialties in Lorraine. And nowadays I admit that I take pleasure in rediscovering them. Look at Nancy’s bergamots, for example. All golden.

Golden candy

Looks like candy gold. A sort of taste reminder of the gates of Jean L’amour which illuminate Place Stan. Bergamots whose origin is lost in the mists of time. So obviously, when you no longer know when a specialty dates back, you take a greedy look at Stanislas.

golden candies © Getty
Maurice ROUGEMEONT / Editorial Contributor – n °: 949049442 Collection: Gamma-

Born in the XVIIth century

An example of 18th century sugar carvings (made for the English Court)
An example of 18th century sugar carvings (made for the English Court) © Getty
Sepia Times / Contributeur Editorial – n° : 1277882204 Collection : Universal I

Some say they would come from his court. It must be said that in the 18th century bergamot and citrus fruits were very popular. We put them galore in a brand new fragrance born not far from home: cologne. It is said that some confectioners also knew how to use the essence of bergamot to slip it into the sugar and make wonderful things with it. Bouquets of flowers, pots, decorations, which we put on the table and which… how to say… perfumed the breath.

He perfumed the breath of the marquises …

We often forget it, but the Marquises’ century did not have toothpaste or toothbrush. Hello breath in addition to cavities. Suddenly, at the end of the meal, we would break off a piece of the carved confectionery and suck it to perfume our mouth. This habit would have continued in Nancy in the nineteenth century and local confectioners would have continued to sell bergamot in the form of candies, candies that were also sold in boxes of cartridges before inventing these famous boxes, which have used by so many seamstresses to store buttons, and who have become collectors.

inseparable from Nancy

the sugar is ready
the sugar is ready © Getty
Maurice ROUGEMEONT / Editorial Contributor – n °: 949049454 Collection: Gamma-

It is still one of Nancy’s great specialties and this Lorraine candy is a foretaste of democracy since you eat it as you want, by sucking or crunching it. And that there is even a “do not pronounce” box since you can simply not eat it if you don’t like it.

That said it would be a shame. It is really good !

the typical box
the typical box © Getty
Maurice ROUGEMONT / Editorial Contributor – n °: 110141385 Collection: Gamma-
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