Lori Vallow’s secret and disturbing recording

A secret telephone recording was revealed during the preliminary hearings in the trial of Chad Daybell allowed to learn more about the motivations of his wife Lori Vallow, the mother of the two children found dead in Idaho.

She didn’t know she was registered. A phone call kept by one of her good friends reveals more about the disturbing personality of Lori Vallow, the mother of Idaho’s missing children. JJ, 7, and Tylee, 17, were found dead several months after they went missing on the grounds of her new husband Chad Daybell. For weeks, she refused to cooperate with the police and say where they were. It was to confront her that her friend Melanie Gibb called her last December and recorded the conversation now used by the courts.

In this exchange, Lori Vallow insists by explaining that she did “exactly what God asked her to do”. A kind of half-confession for the one who, along with her husband Chad Daybell, is part of a Mormon religious sect, Preparing with People, which believes in the return of Jesus to Earth and the end of the world. Initially, Lori Vallow assured Melanie Gibb that JJ was staying with her grandmother. She even confided in suffering from breast cancer and explained that she could no longer take care of him. Not convinced by this justification, Melanie Gibb had called the police to ask that she go to the mother and her husband. That’s when the couple asked their friend to lie to the authorities and tell them JJ was at her house, the channel says. KSL. “Is JJ okay?” Asks Melanie Gibb. “He’s safe and happy,” replies Lori Vallow, who throughout the conversation says she cannot indicate where he is in order to protect him. She says in fact that she is being chased by relatives who want to come and pick up her children “while there is no reason for them to be after me”. “I’m just worried about you because he’s still missing, you know…” Melanie Gibb tries to say again. “I know exactly where he is, and he’s perfectly safe with me,” continues Lori Vallow.

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“I believe you may have been deceived by Satan”

Melanie Gibb then discusses the series of mysteries that surrounds the case from the beginning including the death of Charles Vallow, Lori Vallow’s husband, killed by the latter’s brother, who had invoked self-defense. Disturbingly, the latter, Alex Cox – who died of pulmonary embolism in December – had in the past been convicted of threats against one of Lori Vallow’s other husbands, Joseph Ryan, Tylee Ryan’s father. Joseph Ryan died in 2018 from a heart attack. As for Tammy Daybell, Chad Daybell’s wife, she died just two weeks before the latter’s remarriage to Lori Vallow, in circumstances which remain to be clarified. “I believe you may have been deceived by Satan, I believe he may have tricked you. I don’t believe that everything you are doing is correct. Tammy is dead. And then your husband died. And again and again, and now (JJ) is gone, it doesn’t sound like God’s plans, ”she says. “You know me Mel, you know me. What you say is not like you. Looks like you’ve been influenced by a dark person who wants you to believe in dark things and start to fear the celestial world, ”replied the concerned.

Chad Daybell, himself on the phone, also justifies his wife’s death by saying that her health was starting to decline more and more and that she did not want to seek treatment. At first, the authorities qualified his death as natural before exhuming his body for further analysis. As the conversation gradually grows, Lori Vallow ends up accusing her friend of seeing “those who are against (her)”. “I don’t know any of these people, why would they contact me anyway,” retorts Melanie Gibb, who then accuses the mother of having started dating Chad Daybell even before his divorce. and therefore before the death of his wife. “That’s not what someone close to Jesus would do,” she said.

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Bodies in an “animal cemetery”

JJ and Tylee, had not been found since September, but it was not until November 26 that the police were alerted by relatives concerned that they had not heard from JJ. Faced with investigators, Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow claimed the child was staying with a family friend in Arizona. When the police returned the next day to execute a search warrant, the two had fled the home. Police said the couple have said to witnesses that Tylee on her side was dead several months ago. Police had given the mother a deadline to say where her children are, but she did not respond. The couple were found in Hawaii. She was then extradited to Idaho. The bodies were found in June.

Little JJ, 7, was wearing red pajamas. He had been placed inside a plastic bag, his ankles and wrists tied with duct tape. This tape had also been used to wrap plastic around the child’s face. The bodies were in a sort of animal cemetery set up on man’s land. It was there that authorities recovered a mass of burnt flesh and bones kept in a melted green bucket. Under this bucket, a partial human skull, was discovered. Remains belonging to Tylee, JJ’s 17-year-old sister.

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