Lorenzo Insigne and the rumors about Inter: Mr. Spalletti clarifies

A bit of a surprise Lorenzo Insigne has become one of the hot names in the transfer market this summer, also due to a contract renewal which continues to do not arrive. All a few weeks after absolute peak of his career, with a European conquered as a protagonist with the shirt of the National. Yet at home Naples we are far from certain of his departure, at least to hear the words of Luciano Spalletti.

“When it comes to Insigne you have to be careful – said the Tuscan coach to ‘Canale 8’, after the 4-0 of his Napoli on Pescara -. Let’s talk about a player who a month ago he took the cup a Wembley in front of 60 thousand British, along with all the others. Let alone if the rumors of the market upset him ”.

According to Spalletti, in short, Insigne is focused only on the field and not about its future: “He doesn’t think about market talk or upon renewal of the contract. He knows his perfectly well trademark. And he also knows that, due to his maturity and his age, he owes it exhibit every time that takes the field “.

That said, the feeling is that the Naples will make some more operations. “This is a market where it is It is forbidden to venture. But we know we have to improve the team, and we will try to do it until the last moment. Ours is one experienced company, who has known an abundance of situations. To honor all the competitions we will participate in, something will have to be done“, Spalletti explained.

So a reflection on team conditions: “It would help increase the pace, but in this heat it is almost impossible. The effort is great, more the nationals have just returned. We have seen some good plays, but we have to grow in balance“.

OMNISPORT | 14-08-2021 22:28

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