Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending and how to watch it

Elden Ring offers us the possibility to see up to 6 different endings. Each of them has some requirements and, in this case, we are going to tell you how to see the ending Lord of the Frenzied Flameas well as a secret sequence related to this ending. If you just want to see it, you have it right below these lines.

Warning: incompatible endings

You must keep in mind that if you reach the final boss meeting ALL the requirements of the end of the Lord of the Frenzy Flame, you will not be able to see any other ending. Unlike the rest of the endings, this ending blocks all the others, but all of this is covered and solved in our step-by-step guide.

How to watch Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending

The end Lord of the Frenzy Flameis (apart from the two standard), the simpler in terms of requirements. The “only” thing to do is the following, no need to complete quests of character:

Start by get to the Zampaheces area, in the Leyndell sewers. Once there, follow the steps of our guide to complete the Leyndell Catacombs.

Then follow the steps to reach the chamber of the Frenzied Flame.

Once down, you have to go to the door with flame marks in the background. You must keep in mind that, if you complete the next step, you lock the other endings, so it’s best to leave the Frenzied Flame alone until you’ve seen the others. In order to interact with her, you must unequip all your items: Weapons, armor, talismans, and quick items. Then, they will let you interact with the door. You will see a sequence related to the Three Fingers and your character will undergo… certain changes.

Elden Ring - Final Se

The changes They can only be reversed by talking to Placidusax and turning in Miquella’s Needle.an object that you will only obtain by completing the quest of Millicent. Fulfilling the exchange requirement, you just have to defeat the final boss of the game and then you will see the prompt to interact and use the power of the Frenzied Flame.

Elden Ring - Final Se

Lord of the Frenzy Flame Secret Sequence

There is a secret additional sequence, unique to the Lord of Frenzied Flame. To see it, what you have to do is meet the requirements BEFORE defeating the Fire Giant of the Picos de los Gigantes. Doing so will cause Melina to leave you and you will see the additional secret sequence.

You can see it right at the end of the video at the top.

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