López Obrador sees a “mea culpa” in response from Twitter about bots: “It coincides with the voices that demand greater transparency”

(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that there should be a thorough review of the operation of social networks, in order to prevent this space from being corrupted and misused; In addition to considering as “irrefutable proof” that there are disinformation mechanisms in the networks, the response that Twitter published, after the president announced that he would ask Facebook and Twitter to inform about those who hire bots.

“Look, financing. ‘Twitter it coincides with the voices that demand greater transparency on the financing that those actors that carry out this type of automation receive. ’ This is the most important thing, it is a mea culpa this is supported.

“On our side we will continue to work to protect the public conversation.” Yes, but that is the irrefutable proof. We are not talking about a spontaneous action of the exercise of a citizen’s right, we are talking about a robotic mechanism. That’s what the complaint about robots is, “he said.

(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

(Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

López Obrador clarified that he will always be “in favor of the blessed social networks”, Despite the bots, Peró stated that misinformation is affecting social coexistence, which is why the population is seeking to have the tools to face them.

“I will always be in favor of freedom and social networks. PThat is why I speak of the blessed social networks, but I do not want, yes, I do not want this so important communication medium that arises after the authoritarian handling of conventional media as an option, as an alternative, like a fresh air, it is deformed and corrupted as it happened in many cases, not in all, in conventional media, before the emergence of social networks.

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And yes it is a global issue and yes we have to take care this means of communication, because it is being misused, first, in defending interests linked to crime, common crime and white collar crime “, López Obrador explained.

REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / Archive

REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / Archive

At a press conference from the National Palace, accompanied by the director of the Public Broadcasting System, Jenaro Villamil, announced that he will dedicate several press conferences to alert about the “infodemic”, which he called the new pandemic of fake news.

He stated that the purpose of disclosing this information is not for the purpose of censoring, but that everyone has full knowledge of how fake news is generated.

He explained that as we already know how Covid-19 works, It is essential to know how bots are hired and who is usually behind these information networks. In this sense, yesterday the head of the federal Executive announced that he would ask Facebook and Twitter to report on those who hire “bots.”

REUTERS / Thomas White

REUTERS / Thomas White

“Infodemia, the new epidemic of false news that proliferates, that virus that is transmitted and that produces disinformation, alarm and, of course, that affects social coexistence, is not the purpose of censoring, is to inform citizens how this entirely new mechanism works because in centuries we did not see something like this, this has to do with the advancement of technology, ”said the federal president.

“(This is) with the hope that we all become experts, that as we already know more about the coronavirus epidemic, we know how to face this new epidemic, what we can do, how to counteract it”, pointed out

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He also commented that the political parties, likewise, they must report how they spend resources on media such as social networks, since in many cases they are being used by common crime and also by “white collar” crime.

(Courtesy Presidency)

(Courtesy Presidency)

López Obrador pointed out that in the United States it is reported how much political parties spend on social networks and this must be done here. “Or is it that here there are no political parties that spend in carrying out attacks on adversaries?” He asked.

He added that public life has to be more public, transparency is a golden rule of democracy and it is going to get to the bottom of the matter.

“So, of course we are going to go to the bottom and we are going to see the behavior of companies. It is not a matter of reporting for reporting, We are going to see if they propose mechanisms that do not mean censorship, I clarify it, but corruption is not allowed, violence is not allowed, everything that does not help to have a better society.

In the case of common crime it is already known. Today, I don’t know if they can post a report on the calls on social networks to commit looting, that’s already there. Let’s see, can’t you Twittercan’t you control that? That is the question, isn’t it? “ declared the President of Mexico.


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