Looks like the iPhone is finally switching to a USB-C port

Taiwan’s IT industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most well-informed and trusted sources when it comes to Apple’s plans and innovations. Now with real bomb news applied: Looks like the company is finally breaking the Lightning connector on iPhones and switching to industry-standard USB-C. That wouldn’t be a huge surprise, after all, iPads and Macbooks have been using this connector for a long time, and it’s been common in the android world for about eight years now.

Kuo predicts, citing internal sources, that the switch could come in 2023, which practically means that this year’s models, the iPhone 14 family expected this fall, will still be left with the Lightning solution, meaning we can use the old charging cables with them. The iPhone 15, on the other hand, will need a new charger (or we can use one for any Android phone, possibly an iPad). The good question is whether, with this change, Apple will abandon the much-criticized “we don’t add a charger to the new phone basically” introduced on the iPhone 12, citing environmental reasons, or saying, unspokenly, that the charging cable anyway. consumables, everyone has a couple lying at home.

By switching to USB-C, Apple would not only queue up and make the connector the ultimate standard in the mobile world, but also give iPhones faster charging and data transfer speeds. The EU has long been trying to force Apple through legal means to standardize the connection of iPhones, but so far the company has resisted, dragging its time and looking for loopholes in European regulation.

Incidentally, with regard to the iPhone 14, the a latest newsthat it will be a little bit bigger than the 13-family devices – which is probably due to the disappearance of the distinctive camera island notch from the front panel, and the display will embrace the lens just as it has become commonplace with other brands in recent years.

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