Looking for a new chief of police for Frankfurt

Frankfurt ⋅ When the question arises as to who will become the new chief of police in Frankfurt, the follow-up question is immediately asked: Who could do that at all? The job profile, at least if you listen to the police, looks something like this: It has to be someone with a “broad cross” who can assert themselves both in the authority itself and also confidently present themselves to city politicians. This means that the demands of many Frankfurt police officers, who have been waiting for almost two months after Gerhard Bereswill’s retirement for almost two months to decide who will head their agency in the future, probably do not differ too much from the expectations of many citizens.

Katharina Iskandar

Responsible editor for the “Rhein-Main” department of the Sunday newspaper.

In fact, the personal details are still open, according to the Hessian Ministry of the Interior. But it will be “decided promptly”. The main reason why you take so much time with this is that the change of office in Frankfurt not only means a new position has been filled, but also a major shift in the Hessian police force. Because not only in Hesse’s largest city does the top authority have to be re-staffed, the police headquarters in southern Hesse in Darmstadt is also getting a new chief, as is the headquarters in central Hesse – with the deputy chief from Darmstadt, Rudi Heimann, reportedly moving to the head of the Giessen authority will. And state police chief Roland Ullmann is about to retire.

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