Look .. The raid on an expat apartment in central Riyadh .. After inspecting it, it was a surprise

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Exclusive: Riyadh municipality raided an expatriate-run medical clinic to treat patients inside an apartment in downtown Riyadh.

A video clip posted by the secretariat on their Twitter account showed the seizure of a quantity of unauthorized medicines, medical supplies and nutrients.

The video also showed the arrivals sleeping area, in the same apartment that was converted into a clinic to treat patients in violation of the law.

The secretariat specified that it was found that a room had been assigned for taking blood samples and another for hypnosis, without a regular license or medical qualification.

The secretariat explained that the offenders were arrested in collaboration with 14 government and service agencies, the drug was seized, the site was closed and the owner was summoned to apply legal sanctions against him.

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