Look … Iraqi security man snatches kingdom flag from Iraqis during 92nd Saudi National Day celebration

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documents that an Iraqi security man withdrew the Saudi flag from Iraqis while celebrating the national holiday in the Anbar region.

The video showed a number of Iraqis driving a car on a public road in Iraq and raising the flags of Iraq and the Kingdom, as an expression of their celebration of the 92nd National Kingdom Day.

The video showed a security man stopping the car, pulling the kingdom flag and ordering the driver to leave.

The clip sparked widespread criticism, and the tweets expressed their anger at the security man’s withdrawal of the kingdom’s flag, while Iranian flags are in their streets.

Tweeters have indicated that the security man may be pro-Iran, but the people of Anbar have expressed their affection and love for Saudi Arabia.

As a tweeter said, the people of Anbar want to see Saudi investments fill the provincial districts and districts, not just the flags. The province is a large area and its soil is arable and we have many natural resources from phosphate, glass, natural gas, and even crude uranium, so we welcome our brothers and cousins ​​to their second country, Iraq and Anbar.

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