Look .. Did they ask Mia Khalifa the strongest actor she shot a hot scene with and was she able to fully satisfy her desire? .. she replied shamelessly and revealed a fatal surprise

Riyadh – Muhammad Al-Atlas – Arab pages interested in art news and celebrities on social media have reposted a previous interview with the Lebanese, American pornographic actress, “Mia Khalifa”, conducted with her by the BBC’s American channel, during which she revealed many secrets of her work in the world of porn and the interview also included many embarrassing questions that Mia Khalifa answered some and refused to answer others.

One of the most embarrassing questions the broadcaster asked the actress, Mia Khalifa, when she asked her to reveal the identity of the actor with whom she shot pornographic scenes and was strong and able to fulfill her desire, but Mia Khalifa refused to answer question and was satisfied with a sarcastic laugh.

On why she joined pornographic films, despite being Arab of Lebanese descent, Mia Khalifa said that this field is not limited to a certain group and has nothing to do with being a respectable or disrespectful family, explaining that he suffered in his life and went through difficult circumstances during his childhood.

Khalifa added that she was not attractive and when she entered university to study, she started changing shape to get attention and lost a lot of weight.

And regarding her entry into the field of pornographic films, Mia Khalifa said that at first she was offered to work as a model, and they told her that her body is beautiful and that she could be a model for a nude show, and when she went to the studio in the “Miami” area of ​​the state of “Florida” USA, she received a great deal of respect there. Everyone who works there is nice, so there was no embarrassment and they were photographing like they were family, and then they offered her a job in porn movies and gave her work contracts. She was offered some money and she was 21 at the time.

Psychological stress

Mia Khalifa revealed that she faces psychological pressures when in public and feels that people have known all of her privacy and seen what’s under her clothes.

He said porn workers are under severe pressure and do things they don’t want, pointing out that he cannot delete his pornographic films from Google.

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