“Look at innovative companies such as cloud semiconductor batteries”

Park Hyun-joo reveals investment prospects on YouTube

“It is divided into value stocks and growth stocks, but I see companies that innovate and those that do not.”

Park Hyun-joo, chairman of Mirae Asset Group (pictured), who wrote the success story of the securities industry, appeared on YouTube and presented the investment philosophy and prospects. Chairman Park, who rarely showed up, held an investment strategy meeting with analysts on the 14th and released it on the YouTube channel’Mirae Asset Smart Money’.

Chairman Park said on the day, “The Korean stock market has exceeded 3,000, and this year is likely to be the most important turning point globally.”

In a 50-minute video, Chairman Park talked about the semiconductor, cloud, and electric vehicle industries that are expected to grow this year. He predicted, “When the US pioneered the West, many people flocked to the West, but they were the people in the rear industry who actually earned money for lodging business or selling jeans. Chairman Park evaluated LG Chem’s entry into the battery industry as “a great foresight” and prayed for the goodwill of domestic companies such as Hyundai Motor Company. Chairman Park said, “I don’t want to say that I have to buy stocks based on timing.” “Industries with good trends are not affected by the economy. The cloud, semiconductor, and battery fields seem to be shining.” He added, “In 2016, I was going to invest in Amazon, Tesla, and Tencent, but I wasn’t taking a stock, I was taking’innovation’.”

Reporter Shin Ji-hwan [email protected]

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