Longing, valley of tears and suffering. Veronika Žilková revealed how she manages stress

Divorce is definitely not a walk in the park, even Veronika Žilková knows about it. But the actress shows every day how she can deal with it competently. She also revealed her recipe for coping with difficult life situations.

Veronika Žilková let her fans on Instagram more into her privacy and revealed her plans for the following days. “In the evening, I’m going to the airport to pick up my grandson. Kryšpín, who spent a month in Bali with his father, will fly in. I will now have a week of ‘grandmothering’, so I already have a program ready that I will go to the laser game or go fishing.” says the delighted Žilková.

She added that not all activities are close to her, but because he loves his grandson, he will do them with love. “I promised him 11 experiences for his 11th birthday. It also costs some money, but I am not giving him a gift, but my time. So I have 11 adventures for the boys. We will shoot from bows and I have to make him a fighter,” added the actress.

​It seems that the grandchildren are one of the medicines that help the Žilkovas cope with the difficult period when Martin Stropnický announced to her in March that he wanted a divorce. Exercise, which she regularly shares on Instagram, also helps her out of an unpleasant situation.

At the end of one of them, she also added life advice and perhaps hinted at how she copes with the divorce from Stropnický. “I remember when we were little and we went to church, there was such a prayer. It read, ‘In this vale of tears,’ by which life was called, and I never understood as a child that people could cry so many tears that they would flood a valley. The older a person is, the more they know that a flood of tears comes once or twice,” recalls Žilková.

​”I wish you, if something is bothering you, to cry into that valley, but not drown in it. There are simply happier, sadder days, harder, lighter moments, but the important thing is to always raise your head and face our day because no day in our life will ever be repeated, not even today, so enjoy it to the fullest because every day should be lived as if it were the last.” mentioned Žilková.

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Therefore, he recommends to his fans, so that they always find something to look forward to every day. “I will look forward to my Kryšpín, who will come and overwhelm me with his 11-year-old body,” he concludes with a smile and sends kisses to the fans.

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