Longevity over 100 years old… A ‘something different’ lifestyle

People who live longer than 100 years have common characteristics, such as eating and coping with stress. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Even if you just use dental floss…

It is said to be 100 years old, but not everyone lives long. longevity raintextureThis innate gene is not the usual way of lifeThere are also studies that exist in

Professor Thomas Perls, who studies longevity at Boston Medical School, people over 100 years oldsilver eatingor how to deal with stress It has been found that they have common characteristics. longevity lifestyle Find out 7 things.


don’t stop working

Luigi Ferrucci, director of the Baltimore Institute for Longevity, said: “People suddenly quit work after obesityor chronic disease“The rate of getting caught is going up dramatically,” he said.

100+ years oldIn the Chianti region of Italy, where the proportion of retirement little after FarmIt is said that he spends the day growing grapes and vegetables in the village. never not quitting workto be.

floss every day

dental flossif you write arterial healthcan keep According to a New York University study, daily flossing periodontal diseaseis said to lower the risk of

tooth bacteriaWhen silver enters the blood, it causes inflammation in the arteries. heart diseasemay increase the risk of People with a lot of bacteria in their mouths can also thicken their arteries. “If you floss twice a day, life expectancycan be increased,” he said.


move your body

in numerous studies ExerciseIf you do Mood, mental strength, balance, muscle mass, bone healthThere are results to improve As soon as you start exercising, you will see results immediately.

just walking around town about 30 minutes a day Just looking around the shops is enough. resistance trainingIt’s good to build muscle with yogacan also achieve a similar effect.

Get at least 6 hours of sleep

It’s better to conserve sleep and live a few more years of your life instead of living a few more hours a day. sleepsilver human body manage cellsdo cureIt is time to perform an important function. deep sleep REM sleepfor this old man 6 hoursshould be People who live a long life cite sleep as their top priority.


don’t be sensitive

Professor Pulse said that in the study, survivors over 100 years old worrieshide or wrestling all nightSay you don’t do what you do. If you have any concerns manage stressYou have to find a better way to do it. Yoga, Exercise, Meditation, Tai Chior just a few minutes taking a deep breathIt’s okay with just

lead a regular life

Survivors over 100 years old daily lifesecond severitytends to keep through a lifetime Eat the same things and do the same kinds of activitiesdo everyday same timeto dragonflyat the same time holding on habit of waking upsilver body’s balancekeeps it constant.

As we age, we become physiologically weak. Therefore, it is very difficult to recover if you sleep overnight or drink a lot of alcohol. Especially Immunityweakens the immune system, increasing the risk of becoming more susceptible to epidemic influenza virus or bacterial infections.

interact with people

friendme loved onesmake regular contact with In particular, older men and women who have lost their spouses in their old age may not have regular contact with them. depressionimportant to avoid Some psychologists believe that the greatest benefit that older people get from exercise is exercise classwhere several people can be together societyclaim that

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