Long match winner at Club Brugge with beautiful bicycle kick: ‘On intuition, say’

Club Brugge was released on Saturday with a fright and won with the smallest difference of KV Kortrijk. The team from Kortrijk barely gave anything away, but eventually lost 1-0 after a fantastic goal from Noa Lang. The Dutchman realizes that his goal was not an easy one.

“Sometimes it looked just like handball”, Lang refers to the solid organization of KV Kortrijk for the camera of Eleven Sports. “But we will experience that more often. Then it is up to us to find the answers and play faster, with more depth”, he says.

Lang was with the best player on the side of Bruges and crowned his performance with a goal. “I still had a good chance, but I shot too wild instead of picking a corner. I started well, but fell away a bit”, realizes Lang, who was very important to his team with the winning goal. The goal was a beauty: he outwitted Kortrijk goalkeeper Ilic with a bicycle kick. “The only thing I think is that the ball has to hit the net and I did manage to do that, I think. On intuition, say”, long laughs.

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