Long lines for a booster shot, but not everyone gets one

Now that the corona figures are rising again, the rows for the vaccination locations are growing. It was extremely busy in Valkenswaard on Thursday. “There were 150 people waiting at the opening. In recent weeks we counted less than 100 pricked ones in a day,” says a spokesperson for the GGD. It is not always clear who is allowed a second booster and who is not. What’s up again?

Anyone from the age of 12 can get a booster shot if they have not already done so. But that second booster, which is called a ‘repeat shot’ by the GGD, is only intended for a limited group of Dutch people.

  • Anyone over 60 years old
  • Nursing home residents
  • Adults with Down syndrome
  • Adults with a severe immune disorder

Exception for Janssen vaccinees
People who have had the Janssen vaccine and have received a first booster shot are allowed to have a second repeat shot. This may be necessary because some other countries, for example Germany, do not find the combination of one Janssen injection and one booster sufficient. You may then have problems entering or accessing facilities in those countries.

People who are younger than 60 years and want to get a second booster just to be sure are out of luck. They stand in line for nothing, because for the time being the Health Council does not think it is necessary for everyone to get a second repeat shot. All omikron variants of corona are milder than its predecessors. So now there is no fear of overcrowded hospitals.

A repeat shot gives your immune system a boost, so that your protection against the coronavirus remains high. That protection decreases the longer it has been since you have had a booster or corona infection.

Interest in booster shots is rising
The enthusiasm to get a booster shot is also increasing, the GGD in Brabant-Zuidoost has also noticed. A GGD spokesperson says that it was remarkably busy at the injection location in Valkenswaard. That is why the GGD is organizing an extra injection day on Friday in Helmond. You can make an appointment for all places in Brabant, but it is not necessary. So if you qualify.

Many large vaccination sites in Brabant are closed. This has been replaced by smaller puncture sites and temporary pop-up areas where you can get a booster or be tested. Don’t forget to bring your mouth cap, because that is mandatory at all these locations.


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