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Long Island Woman Sentenced to 20 Years to Life for Suffocating Twin Babies

After pleading guilty to suffocating her twin babies on Long Island (NY), Tenia Campbell was sentenced yesterday to 20 years to life in prison.

The woman, now 28, pleaded guilty in December to killing her 2-year-old twin daughters, Jasmine and Jaida Campbell, in 2019. The sentence had been anticipated as part of Campbell’s plea deal, she said. Daily News.

“These two young lives were cut short by the one person who was supposed to “I had to love and protect them.”said In a statement, the Suffolk County District Attorney, Raymond Tierney. “While the 20-year sentence here resolves this sad case, it will not bring these girls back.”

The double crime happened on the afternoon of June 27, 2019. At that time Campbell was 24 years old, he had a history of depression and anxiety and they diagnosed him with Bipolar disorder when he was a teenager, said his mother, Vanessa McQueen. Besides he was facing eviction from his apartment in Medford, for which a hearing was scheduled for July 10 of that year.

On the day of the double fatality, Campbell had suicidal thoughts while driving a minivan with her twins towards the eastern end of Long Island. Then he stopped the car under a tree at the entrance to the Montauk County Park Third House Nature Center, recalled NBC News.

Campbell’s mother had called 911 to express concern for the twins, saying that her daughter had threatened to kill them and herself. Authorities began a search that included local and state police, park rangers and the Coast Guard.

Campbell was connected to a call between her mother and authorities, but did not reveal her location. His cell phone signals were used to help locate the trio.

Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes after Campbell’s mother first called, East Hampton Town Police officers saw the minivan and confirmed that the woman was there with the babies. Then He got out of the car, walked to a nearby road and told an officer to “shoot him.”

The officer approached the truck and saw Campbell’s two-year-old twin daughters dead in their car seats,” the Suffolk County office said. “Campbell later admitted to smothering the girls to death.”

The county medical examiner concluded that the twins had died of “homicidal violence consistent with manual asphyxiation.” Campbell had her Facebook page full of photos of her children: the twins and a then 4-year-old male born from a previous relationshipwhen I was a teenager.

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This month, a Hispanic woman killed her daughters and her husband and then took her own life inside her home in Union, New Jersey, after receiving an eviction order, authorities reported.

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