Lonely New Year? This game makes the New Year more festive


JAKARTAChristmas and New Year holidays this time it was very different from previous years. If usually a lot of people have traveled, this time they have to stay at home.

But that does not mean that you cannot rejoice through the holidays. Playing games online can be a fun alternative while still interacting with other people.

The following recommendations for how many mobile games which can be played during the holidays in the middle pandemic Covid-19.

PUBG Mobile

The mobile version of PlayerUnknows Battleground (PUBG) has been played by millions of people in the world. This online first person shooter (FPS) and third person shooter (TPS) game is very fun to play. There are various features available and enemy options. Can be played as a team or individually.

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Free Fire

Lonely New Year?  This game makes the New Year more festive

The gameplay in it is not much different from PUBG, because both are battle royal genres. Even though the graphics are lower, it doesn’t reduce the excitement of playing Free Fire. This game still offers interesting and not boring gameplay. Moreover, the characters in it also vary.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Lonely New Year?  This game makes the New Year more festive

This 5 vs 5 game was first introduced in 2017. His name skyrocketed in just a short time. Teamwork and strategy are needed in this game.

This game is also relatively light, so it can be played on smartphones with not too big specifications. Various heroes are presented with different abilities.


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