“Lonely Frej and the Mystery Woman: Aha! Reveals All in Hospital on the Edge of the City”

But the actor lies profusely. “Just so she doesn’t get lost,” he told the newspaper Aha! Doctor Karel Sova from the currently rerun series Hospital on the Edge of the City. At the same time, the redhead came to see him in Hostivice, where he lives, straight away with a suitcase. As in the famous comedy Miloš Forman (†86) Loves of a blonde.

He has his key

She was not alone, but with a friend. She unlocked it with her own key, put her luggage down so it wouldn’t get in the way, and went with her friend to the restaurant at the playground. He soon hurried there to meet them Frey. The brunette with the ponytail was taken to a local boarding house for the night, even though there is plenty of room in the house. They then went hand in hand to the actor’s barracks.

Lonely Frej fights for the heart of ex! And the MasterChef winner about cold relationships

A friend’s wife?

Two weeks ago, Frej had lunch with this woman at a local restaurant. “That was a friend’s wife. She came to ask me for help,” Frey claimed innocently. But the locals saw him with the same long hair a few days later. The question was easy: Does your friend’s husband mind? “It bothers me,” the actor admitted.

All his wives

Doctor Sova from the hospital on the outskirts of town was married a total of four times. Cancer took away his wives – actresses Gabriela Wilhelmová (†60) and Věra Galatíkova (†79) – and fiancee Gabriela Mrkvicová (†56). With his first wife, A. Sklenariková, he has a son, David, who emigrated with his mother to Switzerland after his parents’ divorce. The third wife was actress Evelyn Steimarova (77). Among the most famous lovers of the charismatic actor is an actress Jana Šulcová (76)…

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The little one asked from the big city. How were criminal cases solved in Czechoslovakia and why were actors not allowed to have beards?

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