London’s Underground Tunnels: From Bomb Shelters to Spy Headquarters

London’s Underground Tunnels: From Bomb Shelters to Spy Headquarters

The protection of the population was not the only thing they were used for, since years later, it housed a spy organization Special Operations Executive

London is one of the cities that takes advantage of its territory much more than its surface, because just as it was the first place where an underground subway and a sophisticated sewer system were built, in the last century, while the Second World War broke out, A series of tunnels were built to protect the population from the bombings with which it was invaded, which will be reopened as a tourist attraction for those who travel to the region.

83 years ago, when London faced a series of bombing raids, a series of tunnels were built more than 39 meters below the city’s surface with corridors stretching over 86,000 square feet during 1941 and 1942. which served as air raid shelters. Now, those spaces were acquired by banker Angus Murray, since he has the idea of ​​converting them into spacious rooms for tourist accommodation, as reported by “Bloomberg.”

“(Imagine) cavernous, cylindrical rooms with giant screens to create immersive experiences inspired by blockbusters,” he wrote.

The protection of the population was not the only thing they were used for, because years later, when the attacks on the city subsided, it housed the Special Operations Executive espionage organization, which was created to confront the Second World War and which , would later inspire the creation of the James Bond story, which has been brought to the big screen multiple times.

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When the government realized the usefulness of the tunnels, it continued to use it for various tasks, since during the Cold War it was used for the communication connection between the United States and the Soviet Union: “The plant housed a network of 5,000 trunk cables and a busy community of 200 workers manning the phone lines,” “CNN” reported.

While in the 80s, it was directed for the use of the multinational telecommunications services company British Telecom, where some of the giant’s workers met; however, in 1990, with technological advances, tunnels were left behind, since Its nature corresponded to the needs of other times.

For researcher Guy Shrubsole, who has written about the life of the tunnels, they are like #”an amazing time capsule, almost like an underground space station, with those winding tunnels that go on and on without end, but they are full of equipment “dusty buildings from when it was used for Cold War communications,” he told BBC Travel.

Murray, the man who acquired the tunnels, assures that when they are open to the public, girls and boys will not have to pay to see them, while adults will be able to purchase tickets for about 30 euros, approximately 567 Mexican pesos.

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