London Olympic gold medalist Daenam Song appointed coach for Judo national team

Coach Daenam Song (left) to hug Kwak Dong-han

picture explanationCoach Daenam Song (left) to hug Kwak Dong-han

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2012 London Olympic gold medalist Song Dae-nam, coach of Phillux Judo, joins the national team as a coach.

Coach Song was appointed coach of the national team at the 13th board of directors of the Korea Judo Association held on the 21st. New coach Song will work as a coach for the men’s national team from the 1st of next month to the Tokyo Olympics.

Coach Daenam Song was the leading star of Korean judo who won the gold medal in the men’s 90kg class at the London Olympics.

After retirement, Coach Song worked as a coach for the national team, and from 2018 to last year, coached the Chinese national team.

Recently, he was elected as the director of the Phillux Judo Team and continued his leadership.


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