London can experience the ‘Northern Lights’ in its sky this Christmas

The Swiss artist Dan Acher bring the Northern Lights to London this Christmas. With the artistic project Borealis, Acher wants “bring the Northern Lights experience to cities around the world “, according to explains on its website.

“The Northern Lights have long inspired awe; recreate its majesty in urban skies, Dan allows city dwellers to share emotions beyond their differences of origin, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation “, sums up his website.

The aurora borealis occurs when Sun-charged particles collide with the atmosphere of the Earth and the magnetic field directs them towards the poles, and can be seen in countries like Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

Thus, the project brings the Northern Lights to the night skies of London, where themes and other lights will be installed in the Tower of London, the Thames River and Grosvenor Square; many of the planned events are completely free.

With this, the City Council wants “revitalize” the capital and increase the number of visitors. London Mayor Sadiq Khan himself has promoted Archer’s work on his Twitter account.

“This is going to be spectacular. Londoners and visitors will be able to experience the wonder of the aurora borealis in a free art installation from artist Dan Acher, “says the mayor.

Khan explains in his tweet that Londoners will be able to enjoy what he considers “one of the seven natural wonders of the world in the skies of the capital this December. “



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