Lola Indigo publishes the photos of her new video clip… With Sebastián Yatra? | Music

Indigo lola she is more than ready for the new projects of the course. After a summer in which The girl has sounded all over the country -through platforms and even on his own tour-, and to be one of the stellar voices that have joined the remix of Chivirika, now the artist has presented to the world what could be her next release.

And it is that the new revelation of Lola could indicate that her second studio album will pass the witness to a new song … Or even a most surprising collaboration. The details on this are scarce, since he has only uploaded two publications on his social media profiles. Of course, these have caused all kinds of reactions shortly after being published.

Just three photos have been enough to cause a real revolution in fandom, although not precisely because of what is seen in them. Of course, they are worth taking a look:

In the middle of what appears to be a palace hall, the artist shows off her body in a pose with a white bodysuit. In addition, she debuts a new look with blonde dreadlocks that overshadow everything else. In the other photos, you can see his dancers in different rooms of the building. And if that were not enough, the three photographs have an oil effect that makes them a work of art.

On Instagram, he has decided to title the publication with an enigmatic “palace things go slowly” -something that is unknown if it will be some kind of hint-, although on Twitter he has opted for the hashtag with the letters ‘RyJ’. Some initials that, thanks to the unreleased songs that we know from his last tour, they could belong to the names of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Prince yatra

Despite the fact that on her date in Elche she sang a cappella and this new song alone, everyone knows that Lola does not dance alone. The artist likes to rub shoulders with the best talents, and it is clear that Sebastián Yatra is one of the options that has always been on the table.

The artist already signed her to be his opening act on his tour a few years ago, and although they have confirmed that they have a collaboration prepared, they have never given details beyond a specific anecdote. Nevertheless, the fact that the Colombian has commented that the palace of the photos “sounds to him” has set off all the alarms. Will Lola already have her Romeo?

It is still unknown if Yatra’s comment has behind one of the most anticipated announcements by the followers of both, although what is certain is that the good vibes of both will make the wait more enjoyable. Until then, it will be time to wait to know what Lola is up to in a palace.


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