Loire. Two dead in a frontal collision between Genilac and Saint-Romain-en-Jarez

Two dead and two seriously injured. This is the very heavy toll of the traffic accident which occurred this Sunday at the end of the afternoon, on a small road winding through the hills of Jarez.

Thirty firefighters on site

It was around 5.50 p.m. when two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction collided on the Route des Vignes (metropolitan road M6), on the border of the municipalities of Genilac and Saint-Romain-en-Jarez. According to initial findings, the frontal impact was extremely violent.

Alone on board, the driver of the first vehicle, which was traveling uphill (in the direction of Saint-Romain), died. He is a 27 year old young man. The second person who died is the rear passenger of the second vehicle, an 81-year-old woman.

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On board this second vehicle were also an 86-year-old man and another 59-year-old woman. Both were seriously injured. The man was airlifted to a Lyon hospital while the woman was evacuated to the North hospital in Saint-Priest-en-Jarez. They were “in absolute urgency”, that is to say that their vital prognosis was engaged, according to the firefighters who intervened (about thirty men from different barracks in Gier and Saint-Étienne).

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The 7th and 8th deaths on the roads of the department since the beginning of January

At 9 p.m., more than three hours after the events, the national police were still on site trying to determine the causes of the accident. Is excessive speed the cause? The investigators did not venture to affirm it Sunday evening. A witness to the accident may be able to help them see things more clearly.

Hoping that the toll will not increase further, this dramatic accident brings to eight the number of deaths on the roads of the Loire since the beginning of the year.

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