Loire-Atlantique: this restaurateur throws in the towel

Julien Thaudière has decided to sell his restaurant in Château-Thébaud. He will continue to prepare take-out food until the end of March. An inevitable outcome despite its participation in the angry blow of the profession during the demonstration last November in Nantes (top photo). (© Le Pan Coupé)

A Château-Thébaud, the manager of Cutaway decided to put the dishes away. Julien Thaudière put himself on the list of jobseekers. This father has decided to sell his business after being there ten years in the head. The health crisis is the cause. At 41, this boss was hoping for another end but he prefers to stop before ” to fart a lead ».

He will go all the way. No way for him to give up the latest customers. A question of honor and honesty. Until 31 mars, Julien Thaudière will develop the take away food for lunch as well as pizzas and the burgers before the curfew. Yet the restaurateur Pan Coupé, on the heights of Château-Thébaud, could switch off his oven and lower the curtain of this bar-restaurant now. Like many professionals in the field, the Covid slowly extinguished it.

“The virus kills thousands of people – which has been dramatic for many families – but it has, and it will financially kill thousands more,”

launches the forties who saw his last hopes fly away with the latest health measures of January, including the advancement of the curfew.

“It was the last straw,”

he sighs. “We can no longer work. “

Already the reconfinement the team rang.

“I fired a waitress and my cook. And I asked my apprentice not to come back. “

The sequel put it KO.

“Spring and summer weren’t great. People wanted vacations and the outdoors more. But at the start of the school year, things had picked up well. It only lasted three weeks. “

€ 80,000 loss in 2020

Julien Thudière then did the accounts. Bitter.

“My turnover fell by € 80,000 in 2020 (note on € 200,000). There was no way out. The aid received was insufficient and too late (note twice the solidarity fund of 1,500 € and once the reimbursement of 10,000 €) ”,

launches the one who has resolved to sell his property to be able to repay what he owed.

“I am leaving debt-free but I sell a property half the amount I invested (acquisition and work). “

The cordon bleu has big on the potato.

“We must not look back too much otherwise there is something to go crazy, considering the time invested. I worked for months 7 days a week. Coming to the kitchen at 6.30 am and finishing when it is dark. All this to get there. An empty 350 m2 restaurant ”,

he expresses.

“I prefer to keep the beautiful meetings, the satisfied customers and the progression from year to year (note from 3 to 6%), despite the departure of all the businesses in the town center, which proves that I was in the true. “

His CV is on the zinc

This father now wants to take advantage of his three children and his wife, sacrificed on the altar of this time-consuming industry. Julien Thaudière did not want to take the risk of going further:

“However, some advised me, telling me that at the end of 2021 there could be a revival and that the belvedere would bring in customers”.

But it was double or double.

“And above all, I was now all alone. It was more than a puzzle. “

On his zinc, his CV. By to justify that the boy, pure product ofhotel and catering, was in his place, but he is looking for a employment. “Almost everywhere, he sells himself. Transport-express, relation-client, commercial… It doesn’t matter. The man knows what it means to roll up your sleeves.

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