Loire-Atlantique: she leaves her baby locked in the car

A baby was left locked up in the heat in a car, Tuesday, September 7, 2021, in Loire-Atlantique. (©Illustration / Adobe Stock)

The Loire-Atlantique gendarmerie avoided a terrible tragedy in the department, Tuesday, September 7, 2021. While the mercury greatly exceeded the 30 degree mark, an infant was left locked in a car, they report on their Facebook page.

The soldiers had been alerted by a witness, who saw the baby screaming in the locked car. On the spot, the gendarmes found the mother of the child who explained to them that she had left her baby “for ten minutes” in the cabin while she was able to recover her other children.

Summoned to the gendarmerie, she will have to answer for her actions for “neglect of minors”.

Heat stroke can be fatal

The authorities recall that the temperature inside a car rises very quickly :

It can reach 50 ° C in an hour if it is 26 ° C outside. And contrary to what one might think, leaving a window ajar does not slow down the warming of the interior of the car.

“The body temperature of a child increases three to five times faster than that of an adult,” says the police. A baby left in a car in the summer can therefore suffer from heat stroke after only a few minutes. Heat stroke occurs when the body temperature rises above 40 ° C, which can be fatal. “

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