Loire Atlantique. Aurora Storm: minor damage but power cuts

Trees on the tracks, floods, protection of property … Aurora storm caused some damage in the department, Wednesday, October 20. And caused localized power cuts. According to Enedis services, 3,000 homes were affected in Loire-Atlantique. The return to normal is scheduled for Thursday.

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At the height of the storm, 117 firefighters were mobilized. “For minor interventions”, reports the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of Loire-Atlantique, despite the wind and some gusts which reached in places 130 km / h. “The interventions were rather localized on the coast at the border of Morbihan. ” In Nantes too, it blew hard. Delphine, a velotafeuse since always as she describes herself, was surprised. « Vers 19 h 45, i It then started to rain very hard, and very quickly! It was delirium! Suddenly, the branches fell, the panels of the building sites on the Republic side littered the street. I couldn’t stand on my bike anymore. Many of us were caught in this way … On the Pirmil bridge it was even more violent, she describes. At the Mangin stop, I wait, both feet on the ground, to let the cars pass and there, a terrible squall mixed with rain enveloped me and made me fall! It had never happened to me. “

Firefighters intervened 94 times between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. And ten times the rest of the night. The services of the Department were also on the ground. “143 interventions were carried out over the 4,300 km of the departmental road network”, indicates a press release.



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