LOH 2021 Tokyo | TODAY IN TOKYO: Mílařka Mäki is waiting for the grand finale! Fuksa stepped to the medal

Martin Sidorjak, ČTK

The kayakers already have a medal, now the canoeists will try to imitate them. Martin Fuksa collected precious metals at the World Championships, mainly on the Neolithic 500, but also has four silver medals on the double track, and this year in Poznan he became European champion for the third time. He finished fifth in Rio de Janeiro, which was disappointing for him after the previous results.

In Tokyo, he rides a boat borrowed from the Poles, because he arrived with a long delay and in the meantime he got used to compensation. He managed to do so by winning Friday’s race, in which he defeated Balázs Adolf from Hungary and the three-time German Olympic champion Sebastian Brendel and advanced directly to Saturday’s semifinals. His younger brother Petr took third place in the second race and later finished fourth in the quarterfinals, which was not enough to advance to the semifinals.

Mäki is among the thirteen chosen ones who will run the finals at 1500 meters, which they reached thanks to the Czech record 4: 01.23. Regardless of the result, she already has the best place in the history of this discipline, because there have been no Czech or Czechoslovak runners in the Olympic finals on the 15th, which has been running at the Games since 1972. In addition, he will see up close how Sifan Hassan from the Netherlands is aiming for the second of the three gold medals she has planned in the groundbreaking combination.

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Czech Olympic participation on Friday in Tokyo:
0:30 golf – women – 3rd round: Spilková,
2:10 (destination) 50 km walk – men: Gdula, Hlavac,
2:44 speed canoeing: C1 1000 m men – races: M. Fuksa, P. Fuksa,
9:30 Women & # 39; s 20 km Walking: Ďurdiaková,
12:00 team course – qualification: CR,
13:25 Men’s 4x400m – Starts: CR,
14:50 Women’s 1500m Final: Hill.

Golfer Spilková did not keep a great seventh place from the first round and in the second she dropped to 24th place with three shots below par. She is still significantly better than in previous games, where she finished 48th. The world number one Nelly Kordová took the lead, the daughter of the former Czech tennis player has a balance of 13 shots below par. It is possible that the tournament will end on Friday’s third round due to impending storms

The pedestrian marathon on the 50-kilometer track in Sapporo was dominated by the Pole Dawid Tomala and followed the compatriot Robert Korzeniowski, who won the longest athletics race in Atlanta in 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens in 2004. Both Czech representatives finished the race in difficult conditions, Vít Hlaváč took 43rd place with a loss of over 25 minutes, Lukáš Gdula passed the finish line as the 46th, lagging behind the winner by almost 43 minutes.

Polish pedestrian Dawid Tomala leads the Olympic race in 50 km walking.

Shuji Kajiyama, ČTK / AP

In the morning, Tereza Ďurdiaková will set out for the walking twenties. In addition to Mäki, a quarterly men’s relay will be presented on the oval, and the question is the start of Pavel Maslák, who, after being disappointed with the individual race, doubted whether it would fit into the selected quartet in its current form.

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Czech show jumping riders will start the team qualification after a not very successful individual competition. Of the twenty three-member teams, half qualify for Saturday’s final.

XXXII. Tokyo Summer Olympics:
Walking 50 km:
1. Tomala (Pol.) 3:50:08
2. Hilbert (DEU) 3:50:44
3. Dunfee (Kan.) 3:50:59
4. Round (Sp.) 3:51:08
5. Vieira (Portug.) 3:51:28
6. Kawano (Jap.) 3:52:56
7. Pien Chung-ta (China) 3:52:01
8. Cowley (Austr.) 3:52:01,
…43. Hlaváč 4:15:40,
46. Gdula (both CR) 4:33:06.
Speed ​​canoeing (rides with Czech participation) ::
C1 1000 m:
2nd race:
1. Queiroz dos Santos (Braz.) 3:59,894,
…3. P. Fuksa (CZE) -14,588.
3rd race:
1. M. Fuksa (CZE) 4: 01,620.
Beach volleyball:
3rd place:
Vergéová-Dépréová, Heidrichová (Šv.) – Graudinová, Kravčenoková (Lot.) 2: 0 (19, 15).
4:30 finals: Artach, Clancy (Austr.) – Ross, Klineman (USA).

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