LOH 2021 Tokyo | They took the Czech player straight from the area. The toilet is my locker room, he described


Meanwhile, Jančařík is fighting bravely with the unusual situation, in the first round he beat Ali Khadravi from Saudi Arabia smoothly 4: 0.

After being evicted from his room to a quarantine hotel, his training options were very limited. He is taken to the village only once a day – for tests. “At the same time, they make them out of saliva every day at the hotel, as well as PCR. On Friday, they came for another test one evening, “he describes how strictly he is guarded.

Jančařík smoothly defeated Chadráví at the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo

He recognized this even after arriving at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, where Věra Čáslavská won three Olympic gold medals 57 years ago. Instead of playing, he was taken to a special room with his own guard.

Ali Chadravi from Saudi Arabia lost to Lubomir Jancarik at the start of the Olympic tournament

Thomas Peter, Reuters

“It simply came to my notice then. I had the playing table available for 45 minutes, before and after that I had to be hidden somewhere in the toilet, which is my dressing room, or in an isolation room, “he said.

“I must always be apart. I can only go to the hall behind them. Although we start together with the opponent, but I stand somewhere in isolation all the time, then they tell me that we can go and go to the table together, “he described.

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Quarantine? Crazy, worst tournament! Nobody knows what will happen, unhappy Czechs complain

The same after a winning match. As a standard, players go through a wheel of conversations for television, radio and written media, but they did not let Jančařík into the mixing zone and, together with their coach Josef Plachý, he was taken straight from the area into the bowels of the hall.

A difficult situation for a 33-year-old native of Hodonín. “But the main thing for me is that I play,” he repeats.

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

2021 Olympic Games with designation Tokyo 2020 are in progress from July 23 to August 8, 2021. The Summer Olympics are held without spectators and there are 115 Czech athletes in action. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the Czechs won ten medals (one gold, two silver and seven bronzes).

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“After a good start, I flew my head somewhere. And most of the time, your opponent rises when you fall. I am very happy that I managed the first set, it was extremely important, “knew Jančařík, who thus improved his balance from the Olympics in Rio, where he lost the first match.

Jančařík’s next opponent will be Kazakh Kirill Gerassimenko on Sunday from 8.30 CEST.


Profiles of Czech sports stars and interviews with the biggest medal hopes for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021, which they begin on July 23 and end on August 8 and where he is in action a total of 115 Czech athletes.

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