LOG IN! X Factor’s first “chair challenge” is here! Intars Busulis chooses his team X Factor

On the evening of Sunday, October 17, TV3 and TV Go3 offer the first “chair challenge” show of the grandiose show “X Faktors”, in which the musician Intars Busulis will complete his team. From the first TV selections, the mentor showed that he wanted to work with girls in the age group 16-25, this is exactly the category he has won!

In previous seasons of the show, Intars has worked with vocal groups. This year, the mentor will help the growth of the young girls with valuable advice.

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Intars will have to make his choice carefully, listening and evaluating 21 participants!

“The most important thing I want to say, remember, it’s up to you how ready you are, not only physically, but also emotionally. I want to see emotions! I want you to tell stories through your performance – maybe it’s from your life, what an experience, that’s what’s needed. There are only three places, but there are many of you! Enjoy the process and everything will be fine, because I already have the pleasure of working with you, ”before the performance, the young women are encouraged by Intars.

Will Busula be addressed by the always cheerful “bomb” Lara Babina, or maybe the energetic Elizabeth Matveyeva, who will perform the hit “Rise”, which in the second season of the show brought Kattie success in the specific stage.

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Jūlija Leviona will also perform one of her exclusive songs in the “chair challenge”, offering Intars to sing with her in a duet in the future. Will Intars accept such an exclusive offer?

Every one of Loreta Klibiķe’s mentors has been accompanied by applause and getting up, does that mean that Loreta’s place on the chair is guaranteed?

The owner of the great vocals Jūlija Maijera is accustomed to the big stage, as in 2021 she represented Latvia in the competition “Slavic Bazaar”. Will faith in oneself, one’s vocal abilities, be an advantage over other young vocalists?

Last season, the “chair challenge” ended with tears and hysteria for Dione Liepiņa, she has returned to the show and is ready to conquer her chair!

Watch the first chair challenge of the show “X Factors” and find out how the new singers who have won the love and support of the audience will succeed! Express your opinion in the comments!

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