Lockdown for the unvaccinated in Europe

Lockdown for the unvaccinated will take effect in Austria if there is a fifth degree of infection, which is activated at a 30 percent load on intensive care beds. This became clear at a press conference broadcast late last night on Austrian television. Federal Chancellor Alexander Schalenberg and Health Minister Wolfgang Mukstein made statements on the decisions taken after a government meeting with the heads of the Austrian provinces to deal with the coronary crisis.

The measures for the unvaccinated will be the same as for the lockdowns imposed in the past. They will have the right to leave their homes only in strictly defined cases – to go to work, to buy food or to visit a person from the close family circle.

It was announced at the press conference that two more new stages will be added to the three-stage plan of measures, oriented according to the occupancy of hospital beds in the intensive care units.

There is an amendment to the existing third stage of the plan, which assumes that 400 intensive beds out of a total of about 2,000 are occupied. The measures envisaged in this case are applied immediately, without waiting for a seven-day period, as in levels 1 and 2. , where 200 and 300 intensive beds are occupied, respectively.

In the two new levels added last night – 4 and 5, the measures concern unvaccinated people, to whom the Chancellor appealed to be vaccinated as soon as possible in order to protect themselves and show solidarity with others.

In the fourth stage, which is included in the 25% occupancy of intensive care beds, or 500 beds, the rule immediately applies only to vaccinated and cured people to have access to restaurants, hotels and public events, as well as hospitals and homes for the elderly.

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Unvaccinated people will be able to go to work only after a negative AKP test. Antigen tests are not considered.

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