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I see the situation very hard. Complicated and full of pitfalls, because unfortunately in mid-November we will be like in late March. With the difference that then the epidemic concerned Lombardy and Veneto, while now it embraces all of Italy. The virus has spread everywhere, even the Marche is not in good shape. Guido Bertolaso, former head of the Civil Protection, in Civitanova where he oversaw the design of a newly reopened intensive care Covid Center. In front of his eyes he has a graph where he clearly sees how in the middle of next month the curve of infections, hospitalizations and deaths will have an unsustainable surge if drastic measures are not taken immediately.

Do you think there is no salvation?
If the diagram is true, we risk being in trouble in just over two weeks. The pillars needed to fight the epidemic are crumbling, the health service is in the throes of water and will not be able to respond to the pressing emergency. I would not like to review the scenes of Russian, Cuban and Albanian doctors who come to our aid in resuscitation.

And what do they have to do with it?
unacceptable to have needed them in a country with our medical tradition. We have become a land of conquest, a third world. Okay, in March we were taken by surprise. Not now. Yet there are no places in the hospital, the new real resuscitation beds are very few to me or they have been made by closing operating theaters or by removing space elsewhere. Time was lost during the summer.

What else?
Chapter basic medicine: 10,000 nurses were to be hired. Where are they, how have they been distributed? The family doctors’ filter has been blown again and the emergency room is under pressure. Cut out the ordinary outpatient visits, and very serious because serious pathologies risk being diagnosed too late.

Is half lockdown not enough?
No, I think it would be better to stop the country altogether for a month, immediately, we still have time not to get to those numbers. With a general stop, on the one hand we could try to stop the spread, on the other hand we would allow the system to reorganize itself. We reset Italy, without waiting to see if the new measures have been effective.

Don’t you think about the disastrous economic consequences?
They are already in place. It is possible to intervene by increasing the availability of the Ristori decree, perhaps taking the money from the Mes. What changes if today we block bars and restaurants at 6 pm if we have to close them completely in November?.

Isn’t that a mitigation that the rest of Europe is worse off?
I refuse to reason according to the common evil means joy. The first wave was handled better than all other governments. The wealth of knowledge and prestige gained in March and April was squandered because nothing was done in the summer months to secure the country. Thousands are in isolation at home because they are unable to house the positives. When the earthquake hit, we sent 70,000 people to the hotel in a few days.

Do you aspire to become mayor of Rome?
I am not a candidate to become anything for my city. I am volunteering to help the country in the Covid emergency. I created intensive care places for free in Milan and Civitanova.

October 30, 2020 (change October 30, 2020 | 09:04)


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