Lockdown extended: restaurants, bars and cafes will remain closed

Restaurants and cafes have to remain closed due to the Corona crisis. The lockdown is now extended until January 31st.

  • The lockdown in Germany has been tightened since December 16, 2020.
  • Restaurants should initially remain closed during lockdown until January 10th.
  • On January 5th, 2021, Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers decided at the Corona summit about an extension until January 31st as well as more stringent measures.

Corona summit: Lockdown will be extended until January 31, measures tightened

Update from January 07, 2021: Since the number of corona cases in Germany * is currently still too high (the 7-day incidence is well above the limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week), the Lockdown extended until January 31, 2021. That also means that Restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels still closed have to stay. Many restaurateurs, whose businesses had to close since the beginning of November, continue to offer food to be picked up or to deliver themselves.

Coronavirus map Germany: the current situation

Lockdown in Germany is to continue until January 10th

Update from December 03, 2020: According to a resolution by the federal and state governments, the Partial lockdown in Germany continued until January 10th will. As a minimum, restaurants, museums, theaters and leisure facilities must remain closed. The reason for this are still too much high new corona infections and deaths: The German health authorities had recently reported 487 coronavirus-related deaths to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within 24 hours.

On January 4th, the federal and state governments want to discuss how to proceed – depending on the pandemic situation. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder indicated that there could then be a further tightening of the measures, as reported by the German press agency (dpa). “The question is whether we can keep the country in this kind of half-sleep the whole time or whether we don’t have to think about going deeper in some places very clearly and consistently,” said the CSU chairman, according to dpa. His feeling is that “we shouldn’t be afraid to be very consistent in the end – and maybe even shorter, more consistent than longer, semi-consistent”.

Update from November 26, 2020: On Wednesday, November 25th, 2020, Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the federal states agreed on new regulations for the period up to January. The new decisions will primarily affect the catering and retail sectors.

At least until December 20, the partial lockdown will be extended nationwide. Restaurants, cafes and the like will probably even have to remain closed until the beginning of January. Whether there will be special regulations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve has not yet been determined Decision paper from 25.11. The federal and state governments want to meet again by December 15. The federal government is planning Financial aid for affected companies following the example of the previous November aid.

Update from November 24th 2020: Since November 2nd, catering establishments such as restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs have had to close again due to the corona. Since then, only the delivery and collection of food has been allowed. At the Wednesday November 25th, advise the federal and state governments on how it will go from December. First insights into the draft resolution for the Corona summit point to one Extension of the partial lockdown for the catering industry and hotel business until at least 20th of December down. That would be a tough cut for the industry: the winter and Christmas business is usually a strong source of revenue. Christmas parties and Christmas dinners could not take place in the event of an extended lockdown.

Meanwhile, industry representatives are demanding more Financial aid from the state. “The November aid has to become winter aid,” said Ingrid Hartges, General Manager of the Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), to the Rheinische Post. Already from March to the end of November the Loss of sales for the industry 32 billion euros.

Video: Lockdown light extended: an overview of the measures for December

Corona: Restaurants and cafes have to close again from November 2nd until the end of November

Update from October 29, 2020: Of Mid-March to late May restaurants and eateries were closed or could only stay afloat with delivery service and the option to pick up the food. The protective measures against the coronavirus have that Hospitality in Germany hit hard. After the factories were able to reopen for a few months in the summer, there is now another partial lockdown. On Wednesday (October 28, 2020) the federal and state governments decided on renewed restrictions on public life in order to Spread of the corona virus contain. The following applies to gastronomy: From November 2nd to the end of the month all catering establishments such as restaurants, bars and pubs must close. This is still allowed Delivery and collection of food. Canteens can remain open.

Gastronomy in times of Corona: Service staff report about a new everyday work

Original notification dated September 30, 2020: Especially with regard to the sales shows the crisis according to Wirtschaftswoche. In March 2020, total industry sales plummeted by more than 44 percent compared to the previous month. In April sales fell again by 55 percent compared to March. Since then, things have slowly improved again Relaxation of the corona protective measures can also be seen in increasing total sales. But that Pre-crisis level is far from being reached, so the Wirtschaftswoche.

Gastronomy with Corona requirements: How has everyday work as a service staff changed?

Also for them Hospitality Employees the slump in sales had serious consequences. Some companies had to file for bankruptcy. Many employees lost their jobs or were sent on short-time work. For around four months now, restaurants and cafés have been able to receive guests again.

Like a press release for the reservation system official showing has worked for that 430,000 employees in the German catering service changed forever. Five service staff from five restaurants in different cities were asked: “How did the employees on the front line experience the new start? How has your everyday life in the restaurant changed due to Corona? “

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Everyday gastronomy in times of Corona: New tasks, but the fun falls by the wayside

Since March, many companies have been able to post income from delivery services, which had to be organized spontaneously in many places during the lockdown. For the most part, these were well received by customers. Most of the service staff are also happy, meanwhile again Entertain guests on site to be able to. One of the new tasks in everyday corona is the continuous Disinfect the menu cards and tables as well as the Recording of contact details.

Many interpersonal little things have to fall by the wayside: “I often sat down at the table when a larger group wanted to pay separately and offered them a schnapps or espresso,” says a waitress from Fürth. That wouldn’t be possible now.

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Corona protective measures in restaurants and cafés: How do the guests react?

Many guests would have great things Understanding of the current situation and felt through the hygiene measures in good hands, reports a waitress from Potsdam according to resmio.

The changed behavior of visitors a bartender from Nuremberg sees it more critically. He reports: “When the alcohol flows, we have also had the experience, on Incomprehension to come across when we have pointed out compliance with the known rules and enforced them. ”He also noticed that the limited contact with the guests was sometimes considered to be unpersönlicher Service felt. That also has a negative effect on tips out.

On the whole, however, all respondents from the service industry are currently happier than at the time of the shutdown. The most important thing is still a “smile on your face. Because you can see that under the mask. ” (mad) * Merkur.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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