Location marketing: Land starts campaign in southern Germany

In the course of location marketing, the state of Carinthia is now targeting the markets in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Initiatives for Northern Italy and Slovenia follow.

CARINTHIA. With the presentation of the website www.carinthia.com the state of Carinthia took the first step in location marketing in the summer. “Building on this, numerous projects have been started in the past few months with the aim of creating a market presence and visibility of the location marketing”, informed Governor Peter Kaiser (SPÖ) today in the course of a virtual press conference together with Provincial Councilor and coalition partner Martin Gruber (ÖVP).

Most important target market

In the midst of the pandemic, the state of Corona would like to refer to the many different advantages of the location under the motto “Carinthia – economy, knowledge and well-being”. The next step is a campaign for location marketing in southern Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg). This area was chosen deliberately because Germany is by far the most important target market after its home market Austria. A media cooperation with the “Handelsblatt” and the “Wirtschaftswoche” is also being implemented: A 48-page brochure about the federal state of Carinthia is enclosed with these media.

The facts

According to Kaiser and Gruber, the importance of Germany for location marketing is proven by the facts: Almost 12,000 people with German citizenship live in Carinthia. Germany is Carinthia’s most important trading partner. With a total import value of around seven billion, Germany takes the top position in the country ranking with 2.18 billion. The value of exports to Germany was just under 2.4 billion euros in 2018. The Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt also has almost 700 students from Germany. German workers are also in demand in Carinthia: of the around 216,000 employees, around 4,500 are from Germany. In addition, German holidaymakers provide almost 13.3 million overnight stays in Carinthia.

Invest out of the crisis

In addition to these facts, from the point of view of a German company there are other reasons for Carinthia as a business and technology location. There is a research premium of 14 percent of the research expenditure. “We want to consciously invest ourselves out of the crisis, not just with money, but also with knowledge and interesting facts”, emphasizes Governor Kaiser.


Provincial Councilor Gruber adds: “Right now, the economy needs signals that there are prospects and that those responsible in politics and administration are already working on it.” The new location marketing campaign aims to show exactly that. Germany has already been one of the priority countries in the export offensive, which is implemented by the state’s economic department and the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce. “Because the export sector is closely linked to logistics, we have a few trump cards up our sleeves that we want to draw attention to with the campaign,” explains Gruber. As an example, he cites the Logistik Center Austria Süd: “A strategically important location with which we can position Carinthia as a logistics hub.”

Initiatives for Northern Italy and Slovenia

In addition to the media cooperation in Germany, a cooperation will also be started in Austria: At the beginning of December, brochures will be enclosed in the “Trend” magazine. On December 3rd, the presentation of an image film about the Carinthia location is on the program and from January a location magazine is to appear in several language versions. Educational campaigns are also planned in cooperation with educational institutions in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. Markus Bliem, Head of Strategic Regional Development, announces further initiatives for Northern Italy and Slovenia.

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