Local in Thiès Nord: Habib Niang activists express their disappointment …

There are many officials, but also activists to express their disappointment over the choices made by the leader of the BBY Coalition, in view of the Local elections of January 23, 2022. This is also the case in Thiès Nord where the Habib Niang activists expressed their “dissatisfaction“, By the voice of Younouss Diatta.

Texte in extenso :

Mr President of the Republic, with all the respect we owe you, we young people, women, activists or sympathizers of Habib Niang, political leader in Thiès and hope of an entire municipality, are very disappointed with your choice in the northern zone where we are activating and where we hoped for radical change.

Required to respect this choice, we will not fail to express our dissatisfaction and all our frustration with your choice in the northern town of Thiès where all hopes were focused on Habib Niang.

Habib Niang, this gentleman, who for 5 long years, has been alongside the populations in these various ills: social, development… moral and loved by all, he has always, without being, been the mayor we dreamed of. But this dream, Mr. President Macky Sall, had shattered you …

But we, we do not know how to work in this way we will continue to work alongside you and hope one day that all these efforts made over the years will be rewarded for the great benefit of the populations for an emerging Thiès with Habib Niang our hope.

We renew our trust in you, thanks to President Habib Niang … It is with a bruised heart that I say to you, please, Mr. President, receive, my distinguished feelings

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