Local council: On good neighbors with the stick shooters

The Tussenhausen stock shooters have trouble with their neighbors. The residents of the neighboring property of the sports facility even threaten to file a lawsuit if the situation does not improve. At its most recent meeting, the local council tried to resolve the conflict.

The evening rest on the neighboring properties is not guaranteed. There are extreme light immissions from the floodlights and there are always problems with wild peeers. In addition, people did not adhere to the hygiene regulations to contain the corona pandemic. These are the allegations of the residents of a neighboring property, which were brought to the Tussenhausen Mayor Johannes Ruf via a lawyer.

The stick shooters then submitted the proposal for new house rules to settle the dispute. The game days should be limited to Wednesday and Saturday, the game will go on in the evening until 10 p.m. The floodlights must be switched off at the same time.

In addition, the use of the sanitary facilities is prescribed and that the corona regulations must be observed. “Everyone should be looking for good neighbors,” said Mayor Ruf and won approval from the municipal councils: They voted unanimously for the house rules. The Council also received an unusual request. The “KuckundLausch Theater” applied for funding for the production of a children’s play. The production of the latest piece played with puppets cost 20,000 euros. There is already funding from the administrative district of Swabia and they are also raising EUR 10,000 from their own funds.

For something in return – in the form of performances in the local kindergartens and elementary school – the theater asked for a grant of 1000 euros.

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The concern met with an overwhelmingly positive response in the Tussenhausen municipal council. There was talk of a “good initiative” and a “welcome change” – children suffered particularly from the Corona situation. And so the council decided to grant the grant.


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