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Essen (dpa / lnw) – Temperatures of around 30 degrees at the start out of the meteorological autumn have probable given North Rhine-Westphalia a new file since logging began in terms of the selection of warm days per year. In accordance to preliminary details, the common place in NRW is now 17.7 heat times in 2022, which would have surpassed the previous large of 2018 (17.5 times), as Thomas Kesseler-Lauterkorn, meteorologist with the German Meteorological Service (DWD ) in Essen, declared. The official worth will only be produced readily available at the conclude of the 12 months, but a new file with a higher degree of chance can be assumed.

A warm day is a working day with temperatures of 30 levels and previously mentioned. An ordinary place worth for NRW is established, which is a calculated value that incorporates details from all close to 40 measuring stations in the point out. The topography of the stations is taken into account, for case in point if they are located on a mountain. The tenth values ​​can get there even if it was sizzling only in a element of the federal state.

The preceding superior of 17.5 days was broken with heat temperatures earlier in the 7 days, Kesseler-Lauterkorn reported. Hotter days can no for a longer time be expected this 12 months. The meteorological start off of autumn was September 1st.

While several stations document lengthier, the nationwide benefit has only been calculated because 1951. The DWD meteorologist just lately pointed out that there may have been as many or even additional heat days in 1947 than in 2018 or 2022. In any scenario, the consideration of for a longer time climatological durations. And it demonstrates that the quantity of heat days per year in NRW has steadily improved in excess of the past number of decades. In between 1961 and 1990 the regular was 4.. In the period of time from 1991 to 2000 it doubled to 8.1. In the years from 2011 to 2020 the value was 9.4.

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