Loans increase during contingency – El Sol de San Juan del Río

The coordinator of Region 02 of the Independent Union of Education Workers in Mexico (SITEM), Francisco Espericueta Aldana, did not rule out the possibility of a greater number of money loans among education professionals after the next start of the 2021 school year. 2022, in order to adapt their different work areas regardless of the modality in the classes.

During the previous school year, he commented that teachers of this union organization resorted to three types of money loans; one of them identified as green which is 32 thousand pesos, the others called red and white sheet, the first of them, with the facilities of having six months of salary and the second with eight months of salary, depending on the job position of each teacher.

“There is a type of loan that is given for 32 thousand pesos, it is the green loan, this is short-term, there is another loan that is given a lot among teachers and that is the special loan or also a red leaf loan, there is another loan of the bicentennial or so-called commemorative white sheet, these loans have helped teachers a lot in these times since they have managed to adapt their work areas and continue at the foot of the canyon ”.

The teacher leader commented that the facilitator of the economic resource among teachers is the Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE), so it is estimated that before the beginning of the next school year the requests of teachers will begin interested in continuing to improve their areas of work either through face-to-face classes or online.

He said that most of the money loans that were given last year among the members of the teaching profession, was precisely for the acquisition of computer equipment as well as the hiring of the internet, materials necessary for online classes, so in this An occasion could be for the strengthening of security measures in case the classes are face-to-face or with new computer material if they continue at a distance.



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