Living in the vicinity of Bratislava is cheaper, young people increasingly prefer it

Price differences between housing in the Slovak capital and adjacent cities are significant.

The choice between living in the city and living outside the city has been an eternal dilemma of every generation of young people in recent decades. For example, the price differences between housing in Bratislava and adjacent cities are significant and the pandemic of the new coronavirus has also brought strong impulses to move out of cities. However, according to Vladimír Kubrický, an analyst at the Real Estate Union (RÚ) of the Slovak Republic, all circumstances must be considered when moving out of the city. He stated this for TASR.

“The pandemic of the new coronavirus associated with working from home brought strong impulses in this direction to move out of the city, which led many people away from Bratislava,” Kubrický said, adding that many people understood that unless they are dependent on daily commuting to Slovakia. metropolises, and not at rush hour at all, can settle peacefully around it.

The reward for this is a lower apartment price or the possibility of buying a property that they could not afford in Bratislava. “However, the young couple has to think about whether their children can do without the city,” the analyst warned.

He added that the price differences between housing in the Slovak capital and adjacent cities are significant. “If, for example, an older three-room apartment in Ružinov in Bratislava costs about 200,000 euros, in Pezinok the applicant will pay about two thirds of this amount, in Malacky or Šamorín only half,” Kubrický compared.

If young people decide to go a little further from Bratislava, for example to Senice or Dunajská Streda, there is even only one third of it compared to Ružinov.


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