Living in the same house with these zodiac signs is impossible: here’s who’s on the list

In everyday life, these people are simply unbearable.

Everyone who watched the series “Friends” probably remember the episode in which Ross met a charming blonde colleague. A girl with the appearance of a top model attracted him exactly until the moment he was at her house. It turned out that in the apartment of the beauty there is a complete mess, such that there is literally nowhere for an apple to fall. The plot of the comedy series, of course, is exaggerated, but still it is impossible to deny the existence of people who are unbearable in everyday life. They constantly litter, ignore the requests of other household members to keep clean, and do not seem to suffer from this at all. Astrologers told under what signs of the zodiac such people are most often born.


Representatives of the fire sign in everyday life are a real natural disaster. A few minutes are enough for Aries to make a mess in a carefully cleaned apartment. The search for the right things turns the home into chaos, which, of course, other household members will have to deal with.

Sending an Aries to the grocery store is useless.

The native of the sign will still lose the list, and in the supermarket he will pick up the first products that come across or what he loves himself in the basket. Attempts to re-educate Aries are more likely to lead to quarrels and separation than to compromises. He does not intend to change for anyone.


In the ranking of unbearable signs in everyday life, Virgo occupies a special place. Not because he litters the most, but because, on the contrary, he obsessively keeps cleanliness and order. It is worth rearranging some object to another place, as a native of the sign will rush and return it to where it should be.

Being in the house of the Virgin is like being in a museum: don’t go there, don’t touch it, and in this corner it’s better not to breathe at all so as not to disturb the fragile aura.

The violator will be made at least a strict remark, at most – a whole lecture will be read. Therefore, the cleanliness of the Virgin is no less unbearable than dirty.

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Doing household chores – what could be more boring? This is exactly what Aquarius thinks, who has a bunch of other things that are much more interesting.

But representatives of the air sign also cannot live among the mess, so they are happy to delegate all the chores to other households.

And so that no one reproaches Aquarius for not taking care of his home, he will carefully monitor the progress of work and make valuable remarks, in his opinion. By that time, he, of course, will completely forget about his own affairs, but he still won’t join the cleaning.

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