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Livestock sector: a semi-modern slaughterhouse in the world of poultry

• The service goes from slaughter to plucking and processing

• A capacity of 600 chickens per hour

• 10 full-time jobs and 10 part-time jobs

Paul Yaogo, through his innovation, hopes to raise
the challenge that presented itself to him. (Ph: Yvan SAMA)

Bhold the iron while it is hot. This is what we can summarize as the establishment of Paul Yaogo’s semi-modern slaughterhouse. This 35-year-old man is coming out of disappointment, that of not being able to honor all his end-of-year orders, due to the absence of one link in the chain: transformation. He is the head of the Agropastoral Production Company (SOPRA), promoter of the “Coq integre” chicken brand.

The farm, located in the Municipality of Koubri, manages to produce 10,000 heads per 45-day strip. “As a breeder, I have difficulty delivering my products on time, especially when the quantity is high. During the holiday season alone, I had a lot of chickens, but because I didn’t have a system to make plucked, kitchen-ready chickens available to customers, I lost a lot of business. “, he recalls. To make up for this deficit, the construction of a slaughterhouse appears to be a panacea. But above all, there must be a prerequisite: the maturation of the project. “In addition to chickens from our farm, the site will welcome anyone who has chickens, regardless of the number, for plucking, cutting and even processing. We have transport crates and tricycles to remove the animals from the different farms. Despite the quality we offer, the price remains the same as in poultry markets, but transport from the farm to the slaughterhouse is the responsibility of the customer,” he explains.

By semi-modern, we must see the desire to combine quality and quantity in poultry plumage. (Ph: Yvan SAMA)

Between studying the market and finding the amount needed for the project, everything went quickly. The year 2024 is therefore off to a flying start for this trained logistician who has decided to devote himself exclusively to livestock farming. A semi-modern slaughterhouse exclusively reserved for poultry now sits in Ouagadougou, in the Kouritenga district, in District 06 of the Commune. Over an area of ​​approximately 500 m², the infrastructure is divided into three compartments. In order, there is first the court. It is intended to accommodate live animals and a chicken sales shed where anyone can come and collect their live poultry. Then there is the room reserved for slaughtering chickens or “dirty room”. It is made up of a bleeder, a 170 liter boiler; a plucking machine; a 100% stainless steel table for evisceration. And finally, the room reserved for poultry processing called “clean room”, composed of: a 100% stainless steel cutting table; a boneless poultry mincing machine; a pusher for poultry merguez; a mixer for mixing.

By semi-modern, we must see the desire to combine quality and quantity in poultry plumage. The objective is to process the poultry as quickly as possible, in order to stabilize it after slaughter, to guarantee quality to customers. For example, the boiler is equipped with a thermostat which allows the temperature to be regulated depending on the animal to be plucked: 60°C for broiler chicken, 80-90°C for local chicken and 100°C for guinea fowl.

The slaughterhouse has a capacity of 15 kg/min, or an average of 600 chickens/hour, and plans to employ around ten people full-time and as many part-time. To achieve this, Paul injected more than ten million (10,000,000) FCFA divided between the market study, the layout of the premises and the acquisition of equipment.

The acquisition of other equipment is planned to make the slaughterhouse completely modern. Everything will depend on the reception that will be given to the starting installation. The first merguez made from poultry from this semi-modern slaughterhouse were produced on February 16, 2024.

“My goal is to completely modernize the facilities, perhaps even before the end of the year. Everything will depend on the results we have after the start of activities.”

Moumouni SIMPORE


The agropastoral offensive, to boost the poultry industry

Lhe government policy in agriculture and livestock breeding called “Agropastoral and Fisheries Offensive 2023-2025” has included poultry among the sectors to be promoted to ensure, ultimately, the food and nutritional sovereignty of Burkina Faso. In terms of objectives for 2025, the government intends to relaunch the poultry sector and support for breeders affected by the various crises. In terms of investments and actions, we are considering the installation of 5 poultry breeders in each village in the country, as well as support for the recovery of 200 modern poultry farmers affected by avian flu.


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