“Liverpool Manager Klopp Denies Abusing Referee After Hamstring Injury Celebration”


Manager Liverpool Juergen Klopp insists he did not abuse the referee Paul Tierney in the game against Tottenham Hotspur. Klopp was in pain because his hamstring was injured.

Liverpool played a seven-goal drama at Anfield, Sunday (30/4/2023) evening WIB yesterday, when they won 4-3 through Diogo Jota’s goal in the final minutes of injury time.

Jota’s goal sent Anfield roaring, not least Klopp on the sidelines running at fourth official John Brooks. At that time Klopp was considered to have done an odd celebration by holding his hamstrings.

After that Klopp was booked by Tierney which sparked a debate between the two. Klopp’s action was roundly criticized by many because it was considered disrespectful to the fixtures.

Klopp even threatened to receive a severe sanction, considering he had received a red card for reasons last October. Klopp finally opened his mouth regarding his debate with Tierney.

Klopp has denied that he abused Brooks by grabbing his hamstring. Klopp admitted that his left hamstring was pulled while celebrating a goal.

“I couldn’t get near the fourth official because I pulled my hamstring. That was it. Then Paul Tierney came to me, I didn’t expect to be sent off. I thought it was just a yellow card. Then he said: ‘I think it’s a red card, because you insulted the official fourth, then only a yellow card.’ I said ‘How come, a red card?’,” said Klopp ESPN.

“I tried to approach him, try to calm the situation and I can’t say that to the media. Then I just said if he said ‘that’s not good’. I think it’s not okay, because it shouldn’t be sent off and I’ll just open it here. I should have said he wanted to give a red card. The rest is what I felt at that moment.

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