LIVE – US elections: Europe would vote very widely for Biden


“In five days, we will win Florida, we will win four more years!”, Launched, from Tampa, the American president, wearing a red Make America Great Again cap.

Rare fact: he was accompanied by his wife Melania, who made a short speech. “It’s wonderful to be here in our state,” she said, sunglasses on. “A voice for President Trump is a voice for a better America.”

From the start of his speech, the US president praised the increase, announced a few hours earlier, of 33.1% of gross domestic product in the third quarter (annualized). “No country with figures like these,” he said, praising “explosive economic growth” and promising a 2021 year of all records.


“Trump’s meetings are ultra-propagative acts, he is spreading the virus across the country,” denounced the former US vice president in Tampa, in front of a few hundred people who attended this meeting in “drive-in” , sitting in their cars or standing next to them.

Wearing a mask, respecting barrier gestures “is not taking a political position, it is a patriotic duty for the love of God!” he exclaimed.

“It also propagates division and discord. We need a president who will bring us together,” continued the former right-hand man of Barack Obama, who presents himself as a unifier of a divided America.


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