LIVE: Undav gives Union the lead with his 15th goal | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 32′ – Doelpunt – Deniz Undav (0 – 1)
  2. 12′ – Yellow – Bart Nieuwkoop

After the home defeat against OHL, leader Union wants to avoid another misstep on a visit to STVV, which was too strong for Antwerp in its last home game. Follow the match live here, kick-off at 8.45 pm.

  1. first half, minute 36. We play football again at Stayen and there is STVV’s answer. Hayashi aims for the farthest post, but misses Moris’ cage. .
  2. first half, minute 32. Game pauses. The supporters of Union are stirring after that goal. They set off fireworks and ref Vergoote cannot laugh about that. The game is then paused. .
  3. Goal in the first half, minute 32 by Union’s Deniz Undav. 0, 1.
  4. first half, minute 31. GOAL! 0-1 Undav. Union has the opening goal. After a kick by Moris, Vanzeir can reach the ball on the right. He brings the leather well to where Undav taps in nicely. Number 15 for Undav. .
  5. first half, minute 31. STVV is now sticking its nose to the window. Koita is allowed to dock and shoot, in the hands of Moris. .
  6. first half, minute 29. Leistner is now allowed to advance far from Union. The German cannot reach a teammate with his cross. .
  7. first half, minute 26. A little pressure from Union. The game often comes to a standstill, but Union does try to develop some pressure. The visitors are looking for the opening goal. Although they don’t just get that as a gift. .
  8. first half, minute 24. Union puts together another chance. Nieuwkoop tries to continue the teaching towards Undav. Goalkeeper Schmidt intervenes well. .
  9. first half, minute 22. Konaté walks between the lines again. Motima tries to send another deep pass, but that attempt is nipped in the bud. .
  10. first half, minute 19. Jasper Vergoote puts the game on hold for now because Konaté has stayed put. He needs some care. .
  11. first half, minute 16. The game is going well up and down now. Koita comes in once to lash out with the right. His attempt bumps wide. .
  12. first half, minute 15. STVV should have taken the lead, but that was not counted on Moris. Glenn Martens on Radio 1.
  13. Yellow card for Bart Nieuwkoop from Union during the first half, minute 12
  14. first half, minute 12.
  15. first half, minute 12.
  16. first half, minute 9. Great save Moris. We also get to see a great opportunity on the other side. Brüls seems to kick the 1-0 into goal, but Moris puts a stop to that. Great save from the goalkeeper. .
  17. first half, minute 8. Almost the 0-1! Mitoma sends out a brilliant deep pass. Nieuwkoop also dives into the hole and can still reach the ball. He cannot surprise goalkeeper Schmidt. Great opportunity for Union. .
  18. first half, minute 6. It is Union that gets the ball thrown into his lap. STVV is counting on their good organization for the time being. It is therefore important for visitors to find a dent in the armour. .
  19. first half, minute 4. The first feat of arms comes from Lapoussin’s foot. He drives from outside the big rectangle, but his shot is diverted into a corner. .
  20. first half, minute 1 match started


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